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Into the light of the dark black night...

You were only waiting for this moment to be free

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A Girl Called Shannon

Once upon a time this tv-loving gal stumbled on Livejournal, a place full of wonder and delight. Where bunches of fabulous essays and critical analysis on her favorite television shows could be found and read and discussed. And she loved it so, she joined to add to that discussion and take a crack at writing her own episode reviews.

FLASH TO TWO YEARS LATER. This analysis-lovin’ gal is in college where she has to do stuff like that ALL. THE. TIME. And combine that with the serious LACK OF TIME and she no longer has the energy to think out and compose coherent reviews. Or keep her LJ posts as nice and polished as she’d like. So she watches and she gushes, squees, flails, jumps up and down, rants when need be, and finds little analysis bits to stick in from time to time in between all the crazy.

So that’s what you get from here now. Crazy flails, rants and ramblings from a tv-loving gal. I make no excuse for my enthusiasm toward the medium. I love it. In fact, I’m a total overdramatic nut about it. And I make no apology for it. My TV love nicely balances out my intense and stressful school work and helps keep my RL sanity.

This means I have a tendency to abuse the capslock. Or the exclamation key. Or both. Generally, I write posts to reflect my thoughts at the time and that means emphasis on infliction and intonation. What can I say, I'm a speech-writer at heart. If that annoys you, my posts probably aren't your cup of tea. I won't hate you if you just choose to ignore my crazy ways. :)

Much of my first two years in LJ surrounded around the VM fandom, a show which I have since abandoned. Much of its past is archived through my old posts. My old Veronica Mars meta reviews and episode posts can be found HERE and HERE. My brief VM vidding projects can be found HERE. Most of the major posts around fandom, including essays, fic, vids, and various fun of the times, are archived in my Memories.

While my free time has become few and far between, I still keep some small things to work on in my off-time. My current project of the moment is focused on Supernatural's score. Cues from Season One through Four and all related scoring posts are located HERE. I'm also constantly updating reference posts of SPN Vid Recs while dabbling in vidding myself during the summer months. Old vidding projects can be found HERE. For those searching for SPN fandom posts, you're welcome to peruse my SPN memories section which includes various meta, interviews, and picspam.


Current Loves:
- Supernatural (TOTALLY VALID LOVE)

Current Shows I'm Watching:
- Supernatural
- Revenge
- Parks & Rec
- Games of Thrones
- Parenthood
- Hart of Dixie (no judging! it's become endearing in that old WB sort of way! I swear!)

Shows I Had Loved At One Point:
- Lost (S1)
- Veronica Mars (S1-S2)
- Bones (S1-S5, oh show, why did you have to mess it all up so spectacularly?!)
- Pan Am (Oh what could have been had ABC not rushed you and ruined you ;( )

Old Show Loves Gone But Not Forgotten:
- Angel
- Buffy
- Dawson’s Creek (My first fandom show *wipes nostalgic tears*)
- Firefly (OH LITTLE SHOW! *tacklehugs to the floor*)
- Gilmore Girls (The show that MADE MY LIFE. No, really. REALLY.)
- Friday Night Lights (My college show I adored too much to talk about. Perfect television.)

My TOP FIVE List of Actors I Would Follow Anywhere: Nathan Fillion, Jensen Ackles, Joshua Jackson, John Krasinski, Jared Padalecki

I'm very interested in the behind-the-scenes work of television and so I also follow writers, directors and others who had contributed to my television loves over the years....

Joss Whedon. IN GENERAL.

Writers: Jane Espenson, Tim Minear, Diane Ruggerio, David Fury
Directors: David Solomon, Nick Marck, Kim Manners (RIP), Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia
DPs: Victor Hammer, David Boyd, Serge Ladouceur
Composers: Christophe Beck, Greg Edmonson, Jay Gruska, Robert Kral, Christopher Lennertz, Michael Giacchino

In addition to my television loves and its cast and crews, I may also be inclined to post about music and film (mostly of the vintage variety, but sometimes modern), and to a lesser extent, medicine, news, politics, or RL at any point and time.

I reserve all right to mock things mercilessly if need be. I always mock with love. *cough* Unless otherwise inferred.

Because of my severe lack of time these days, I have no choice but to keep my flist small. If you are so compelled to friend me and join me in the squee, you’re definitely welcome. Unfortunately, I can not longer guarantee to friend everyone back. But since I keep almost all my fandom posts unlocked, it’s not like you’re really missing anything anyway. :)

I mostly keep this journal for fandom purposes, mostly revolving around television. My primary interests have been known to change like the wind, though it's Supernatural that has me most captivated at the moment. Generally, I like to keep my flist one that entertains me since...well, it‘s my LJ and it's my free time and who would want to spend it reading things that didn't? I’m normally entertained by crunchy brains. Or, you know, JUST PLAIN FUN. So if I’ve friended you, you know why. YOU’VE ENTERTAINED ME. CONGRATS!

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