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VID: 'Kill A Man' [The SPN Fandom]

Made in benefit of the help_haiti charity auction for wonderfully generous counteragent who was crazy enough to bid on me, think up this idea, and hand it my way. I hope I've been able to do it justice! *crosses fingers*

Vidder: zimshan
Length: 3:35
Characters: Sam'n'Dean from a fangirl POV [NOTE: Spoilers up to 5.16]
Song/Artist: ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ by Charlotte Sometimes
Summary: "And you can‘t understand, how I can just kill a man" Kripke might have created Sam & Dean, but it's fandom that knows how to play with them. [Otherwise known as, 'Fandom Power, FTW!' :D]
Links/Size: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | ALT LINK: AVI (640x320) [40 MB] | BAM Vid Vault [Streaming]
Disclaimer: All clips property of Eric Kripke, WB, & The CW. All fanwork and posts included in this vid are linked and listed HERE. I claim no ownership of anything in this vid other than the editing I have done myself.

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In the wake of the Haiti Earthquake disaster, the multi-fandom power exhibited in the fan-organized help_haiti charity auction was BEYOND amazing to witness. When counteragent came to me with some ideas, this song and prompt struck me as a unique opportunity to showcase that power. The fourth wall breakage on Supernatural has been a sore part for many fans, amongst other complaints, in the last year. But I wondered, what if we took those characters Kripke & Co. created for the purpose of joking on us (the fangirls), and turned it back around on them?

This idea sorta took on a life of its own as the season progressed and more and more fans became upset, disheartened, or just fatigued by the show itself, whether it was the state of the brothers, the treatment of women, or the pacing of the apocalyptic storyline. And while personally, I've been able to salvage my show love to keep watching, I've gotten past the idea that the show owes us something anymore. After five years, take what pieces you can still love, and the rest, well, that’s what fandom is for. No matter what Kripke does, he can’t take back what he’s already created. It’s out there, and in the words of killabeez, ‘Sam and Dean are ours, now’ too. We can take the canon we like, and make our own happy ending. Whether that’s through fic, drawn/digital art, vidding, picspam or another medium, we all enjoy the pieces we enjoy in our own ways. And inevitably there will always be other fans out there to enjoy it with us, as is the magic of fandom.

In fact, sorta unintentionally, this vid ended up becoming very ‘Life of a Fangirl’, and honestly, while all the details are very metatextualized to the SPN fandom [focused on the corner of fandom concerned with the brothers relationship, for storyline purposes], its general scope truly could have applied to any long-term fandom. We come to fandom to squee and flail and get more of the best parts (like, say, when "strong" men cry? XD). Inevitably in time, canon disappoints us, and we turn to fandom to fix it. Until canon gets so unbearable you either leave, or get passed its flaws and live out your show love in fandom where the best parts of the show live on. For those of us multi-fannish types who’ve been in and out of fandoms for years, it’s a rinse, wash, repeat process. (WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES AGAIN?!)

Not to say this vid is intended as all SERS BZN FANDOM, by any means. REALLY! It’s all just meant as very tongue-in-cheek meta fun and I had a blast making it! Y’all are so talented in this fandom, and it was a JOY sifting through all this ridiculously gorgeous art and pouring back over favorite classic fics that have contributed just as much to my love and enjoyment of these characters as the show itself. Kripke doesn’t give you all enough credit! Half the time, you’re doing his job! Only to get mysteriously Kripk’d down the line, right? HAHHAA, keep making me laugh, SPN, keep making me laugh.

Tremendous thanks and appreciation to counteragent for slogging through all my horribly rambling emails the last couple months, putting up with the multiple ways in which this thing has morphed over time, and for treating my first draft to a thoroughly fantastic betaing job! Hope you can enjoy the final product! :D

Thanks also to the lovely dev_earl and roniabirk for taking a quick last minute look at the last draft and easing my fears that I'd turned this into an incomprehensible mess overnight. :)

Because some missed the link above: RESOURCE LIST of all FANWORKS used in this vid (Linked and credited accordingly)

No matter what Kripke decides to give us tomorrow night? This is my S5 finale, folks. Created by all of you.

Hope you all can enjoy! :)

Any and all comments are coveted, loved, and adored! XD

[ETA (12am EST): Sorry, my internet has been a horrific nightmare today, I'm working on trying to figure out what happened with the corrupt zip, since it worked before I uploaded it. In the meantime, I put up an alternative download link, which worked on my end. But please let me know if there's a problem with that too. Sorry about the headaches!]
Tags: fandom, finale_fever, my_vids, spn, spn: s5, vidding

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