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STICKY POST: Big Posts Archive

After five six seven years here (WHUT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??), this journal has gotten seriously lengthy, and even with tags, it’s hard for me to manage different big fannish posts I have here. I keep finding a need to refer back to them, and as they are now, they’re just such a pain. I figured making one big sticky post archiving all my big posts, vids, SPN score, and all that silly color meta, would make things easier both for me, and for others that might want to access them in the future.

[In the order of most recent to oldest...]

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- ’Statement of Fannish Intent‘: Where This LJ Stands Now
- My Love Letter to 'Supernatural' [circa 2006]
- Fic Recs
- Vid Recs
- Meta Recs

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Hey y'all!! Is this thing on? *taptap*

Has anyone seen Joss's Much Ado yet? I noticed it was out in an indie theater for like one weekend here and the next week it was gone. And I was all :((( thinking I missed my chance.

But now suddenly just this week, I find out it's back, now in like a handful of theaters around town! Like a normal movie! Here I thought it was just some small little thing! What happened?! Don't get me wrong, I kinda love seeing three Whedon films on the big screen in the span of 14 months, but jeez. Im reading the reviews and they're so glowing, it's uber weird! I dont know if I'll ever get used to it. I'm reminded of that article last year about how old Whedon fans will never outgrow the kneejerk reaction to defend Whedonverse's pop culture worth to critics and the larger public. So friggin true.

*crossing fingers lj stops being a jerk and posts this already*

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SPN, we need to talk...

That moment you realize all the shows you've caught up on during Post-Election Haze are kicking ass. And the only one you did bother to keep up on...has quickly dissolved into a friggin mess by comparison.

SPN, we need to talk...

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P.S. Congrats to Kripke on Revolution's success and scoring Led Zeppelin (!!!) songs. Just imagining his insane glee over it is enough to bring a huge sappy smile to my face. Certainly not as cool as if we could have gotten them for SPN, but then again, maybe he might be able to score us one by the series finale now that Kripke's got an 'in'. Eternally hopeful, that is me. :D
Obama - Action

Obama win is a win for us all. Congratulations to everybody!

Still recovering from the trauma that was Election Day. I think I caught a flu bug out of the deal for all my exhaustion from working on two hours of sleep this last week. I stopped at home Tuesday at about 8pm just to warm up, grab a bottle of booze, and split to a local party. And then could not move from the couch. Sad I missed the party, but I wouldn't have missed campaigning for anything. What a glorious election night for progress and the people! Money cannot buy everything! Four more years with President Obama! 20 women in the Senate! Higher turnout in 18-29, women, African Americans, and Latino voters! All of Fox News in shock and confusion was just the sweet sweet cherry on top of the cake!

There is much more work to be done, and 2010 midterm elections tell us voters can not get complacent. When we step out of participating in citizenship, others come in and take our place. We cannot afford to let that happen again. But for now, some sleep and celebration: An old but still relevant vid and Rachel Maddow's awesome monologue last night says it all better than I could right now.

Find more videos like this on Vidders

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Bitten, the SPN ep that shouldn't have even bothered to happen...

So I finally watched this silly thing. Turns out I shouldn't have bothered.

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In other news, OMGWTFBBQ FRANKENSTORM. WHY ARE YOU DERAILING GOTV EFFORTS ALL OVER THE EASTERN SEABOARD?!?! Crossing fingers we're okay here, and that it's not as bad as projected elsewhere. Everything's already cancelled here, both school and work tomorrow. I don't want to run down my phone battery in case we lose power later, so phonebanking's out of the question. I might just waste the day baking and DVRing early season SPN eps from this weekend's TNT marathon. I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
SPN - The Story of Sammy and his little

SPN 8.03 spec, Sam, and ep/vid recs

I'll admit, I'm kinda stunned and agog over the response to my S8!Sam meta. I had no idea so many fans would find it so helpful! I almost didn't let myself sit down and work it out, I was so skeptical of my own feeling. But it's encouraging to hear not only that it works for so many people but that it explains alot of what many have already felt. I love how many thinkies its caused in the comments, though it will probably take awhile to make my way through, cause they've made ME thinky in response!

I've never been more happy to have written something than after watching 8.03 Wednesday night. Where my ep reactions are basically: SEE POST I POSTED TWO DAYS AGO PLEASE. What a bizarre experience! I solemnly swear no psychic powers were involved in the creation of that post. Anything else I may have wanted to say about the ep, maraceles laid out awesomely in her 8.03 reaction post. Definitely one of the best put together eps in recent memory! Good show, Mr. Director Jensen Ackles!

So, it's fair to say, if I was skeptical when I wrote it, and encouraged by the reaction of others once I posted it, watching an episode so intentionally meaningful and precisely pointed as that one was pretty much convinced me. The probability that myself and others got THAT from the premiere, it was nothing the writers intended, *AND* that 803 aired as it did? Well, I haven't run a stat analysis on it, but I'm pretty sure it passes the 0.05 threshold, results not due to a random event. :D

Keeping all that in mind, I was scrolling tumblr and someone reposted an old secretlytodream vid that fits so aptly with the sentiment of that meta and where Sam is now, I have to share:

It's the wall busting at the end that really does it for me. I might have kinda gotten a tad bit emotional about it. These stupid boys break my heart sometimes. Stupid stupid show.

ETA: As my love affair with Mumford/SPN continues, I also cracked the nut on why Babel works so well for S8. They both happen to be all about the confusion and miscommunication between people. And man, if that doesn't hit my muse right where it lives!
SPN - Heart of...

META: 'Not Normal. Safe.' - Why S8!Sam Makes Sense in Context of his History & in Relation to Dean

My God, metas for shows with eight seasons are EXHAUSTING. I believe this is why I haven't gotten an SPN meta done since last fall. This was an extra hard one for me to write up, because it was based on an initial feeling, one that I was not expecting to get from the premiere. And one that I felt the need to work out exactly WHY that was. So cue EPIC SEVEN YEAR SPAN meta picspam post! (For the record, I'm blaming this one entirely on theheartofspn. ;D)

This is mainly a walk through of Sam's mindset as hinted at from the premiere and set in context with the last seven seasons of the show. But it is, of course, just speculation, so all disclaimers apply. I know Wednesday's ep is going to delve into this some, so I wanted to clear my head and get this out now before they confuse us anymore (and seriously this thing has been taking over my head for two weeks, I need room for paper writing!).

I'm also writing this, hoping to provide some solace for those fans that have been upset by the choices made so far for S8!Sam. I know whenever I'm upset about a storyline, a more generous read from someone with an alternative perspective can help soothe my worries. I can't guarantee this will help, but I hope you'll at least be encouraged to give it a try. I broke it down into sections, in hopes that it makes for a more manageable read.

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I totally had a version of this that was all Mumford quotes from the new album before replacing them with show quotes. Vidders seriously need to get on that album fast before I do something stupid and try to do it myself. LALALA NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. IT'S A MIRACLE THIS META EVEN GOT OUT. Work + School this fall is PAINFUL.

ETA: Fair warning, spoilers for 8.03 are now in the comments.
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SPN 8.02 & Biden Debate

Mmmm. More SPN thinky thought meta-y goodness. Collapse )

More 8.02 EP DISCUSSION at theheartofspn!!

I *DID* tell SPN last week, it's allowed to suck for a couple weeks as long as Obama gets his mojo back next two debates. Since apparently life isn't allowing me to have good politics week AND a good SPN week. And when it comes to SPN, show's got a whole season to improve, but Obama's got to win this thing in less than a month or I'm on a jetplane outta this country. (Volunteer! Phonebank! Canvass! If not for Obama, then for a demo Senate or Congressional campaign, we need those votes! And asskick those obstructionists back to the moon where they came from!)


Election year and SPN, crazzzzyyyy times.